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Long Beach Apartments

Longmoor Terrace Apts

4067 Longmoor Drive
Long Beach, CA L7L 1X4

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Where to live in Long Beach

Long Beach is basically cut in half by the QEW. On the east side of the QEW is the downtown area. Long Beach does not have your typical downtown. Located along the shores of Lake Ontario, Long Beach's downtown is full of condos, shops and restaurants and is very vibrant. The vast majority of apartment buildings are located in this area and prices do range quite a bit.

Look for any number of apartments in and around the hospital and all along the lakeshore. These will be your priciest apartments since they often have a lake view and they put you in the center of the action. If you move inland just a little though, you can find some more reasonably priced properties. Look on Maple Avenue, Elgin Street and Nelson Avenue for an apartment that might be suitable to your budget.

To the west of the QEW you have mostly newer housing and retail. There are a few apartments to choose from and prices are lower here than in the downtown area.

Transportation Routes

As you can already tell, Long Beach offers excellent highway access. Downtown apartment dwellers have the option of getting to the QEW via North Shore Boulevard or by taking one of Brant Street or Guelph Line.

If you live in an apartment on the west side of the QEW you have the added benefit of being able to easily access Hwy 407. Note: Hwy 407 is a toll highway and can be rather costly to travel on. While it can be expensive to use, it does provide a fast and reliable route to locations in the north end of Toronto all the way to Oshawa.

Other locations to consider

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Find apartments to rent in Long Beach and Surrounding Cities

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